NCAA, CAIR, AID: The US and Saudi Arabia are fighting ISIS: Study

The US military is facing the largest challenge in its history in confronting ISIS, and it may not be able to defeat the extremist group militarily or diplomatically, the chief of the US Central Command said on Tuesday.The commander, General Joseph Votel, was speaking during an annual conference on countering violent extremism.“We’re going to have […]

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‘Sawbones’ director David Fincher talks about his time on ‘Argo’ and the film’s future

David Finch, the director of “Argo” and the upcoming “Sawbone” film, has shared his thoughts on the legacy of his film, the “Arguably one of the most important and influential films of the last decade.”“Argo is definitely the film that has a really strong cultural impact and the films that have been made about it […]

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What to know about the new smog bill: Are you going to pay?

The Government is considering a bill that would make smog-related fines an offence, but it is not yet clear if this will affect other areas.The Federal Government’s smog and air quality strategy is a blueprint for pollution reduction and the rollout of a new national air quality standard, and it will include an enforcement mechanism.The […]

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How to get a driver’s license and get a job at a service academy

What if you were a high school student who was struggling to pay off your college loans?Well, if you can’t afford the tuition, you’ll need a way to pay for it.But what if you need a driver to drive you around?That’s exactly what one Florida driver’s school wants to help you do.The National Driver Training […]

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Former Fox News host accused of sexually abusing teen’s children

The man accused of molesting an underage boy at his home in rural Arkansas has pleaded not guilty to child pornography charges, CBS News has learned.The victim’s parents say they are pleased the man has been convicted.Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly, a former Fox News executive, pleaded not-guilty in December to charges of molestation, and […]

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