How to handle an uncooperative dog

The owner of a dog who refused to be restrained after being bitten by a member of the wrestling team has spoken of the experience.

The dog, named “Salty”, had been with the team for a week before he was bitten by one of the wrestlers.

The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon at the Skee-Ball Hall in Perth.

The dogs owner, who wished to remain anonymous, said he was trying to get the dog to calm down when he realised that his dog was refusing to do so.

“The dog started biting the wrestlers and then I thought to myself, ‘Oh my God, what is going on here?'”

He’s not a dog.

He’s a pit bull,” the owner said.”

I had the dog with me for three days.

When I finally got him to calm, he said, ‘I’m OK, I’m OK’.

“When I put the dog in his crate, he would come and sit on the bed and then the other dogs would come in, which was really strange.”

Then he would sit on my chest and I would get really upset and he would get out of the crate.

“The owner said he had to keep the dog on the crate and keep the door closed, because he feared it would bite him.”

You can’t let your dog get up, you can’t take him out of his crate,” he said.

The owner also said he didn’t know why the dog was so upset and would never put the dogs crate away.”

Why is he so upset?” he said to ABC News.”

He has a good heart and that’s why he’s here, to be around people and to help them.

“It’s not about me.

I’m here for them and I’m happy to help people, but it’s not his fault.”

The dog was taken to a vet, where the vet determined he had suffered a puncture wound to his lung.

“That’s why I didn’t want to put him in the crate, because that would have been very bad,” the vet told ABC News on Monday.

The vet said he would need to perform a full examination and take blood tests to determine the cause of the injury.

The WSLW, which is based in Adelaide, said the club was “very shocked” by the incident and would be looking into the circumstances.


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