Why NCAAB, the Australian government’s new national security strategy, is really about defence and the media

The ABC’s Paul Connelly looks at why the National Security Agency’s new National Security Strategy (NSST) is about defence.

The strategy, which will be published on Wednesday, is the result of years of work between the federal government and the nation’s defence intelligence agencies.

The aim is to keep the US and other western powers at arm’s length in the Asia-Pacific region, and to ensure that the US remains the dominant power in the region.

What the NSAS saysThe NSAST is the government’s version of its Defence Policy Review which is currently being published in the Defence Review, a document that provides a strategic blueprint for the nation.

It has not yet been published, but the Government is due to release it in October.

NSST highlights the importance of Australia’s strategic relationship with the USThe NSC aims to ensure the US continues to be the dominant superpower in the Indo-Pacific, and is focused on two key areas: the Indo, and the Pacific.

First up is the Indo – which the strategy calls the core of the Indo relationship.

“This relationship will remain the dominant one in the future,” Mr Rudd said in his speech.

Secondly, the NSC states that the strategic relationship between the two countries is “the most important and enduring of the five-way relationship”.

“This will include sharing common military and intelligence capabilities, including in cyberspace and beyond,” it states.

NSC also highlights the strategic importance of the US in the wider Indo-Asia-Pacific and in the broader region.

“As part of the strategic partnership, the United States will remain Australia’s principal military, intelligence and political ally, as well as its key strategic partner,” the strategy states.

Mr Rudd also mentioned the importance the United Kingdom plays in the “core strategic partnership” of the United Nations, and said that “the UK is the most powerful military power in Australia’s neighbourhood, and one of the largest naval and air forces in the world”.

“Together, we are an important part of creating a new strategic partnership in Asia-pacific relations, and we will play a central role in ensuring that it continues,” Mr Turnbull said in the speech.

“We will be a leading global player in regional security, promoting regional security through trade and investment, and promoting economic prosperity and prosperity in Australia.”

Mr Rudd and Mr Turnbull also took a dig at the US, who have accused China of destabilising the region, saying it was a “dangerous and dangerous enemy”.

“China’s behaviour is dangerous, it’s destabilising, it is destabilising.

It’s not what we want,” Mr Trump said during a joint press conference with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Washington, DC.”

And we will fight that, and I believe we will win that fight.”

But the NNSA, which is being developed by the Defence Department and the Department of Defence, does not have an official position on the Chinese, or any other foreign, threat to Australia.

Why it mattersTo what extent is this new strategy a response to Beijing’s behaviour in the disputed South China Sea, or its ongoing military build-up in the South China sea?

“What we have here is a plan to give us a stronger security presence in the Indian Ocean,” Mr Connelly said.

According to the NCAAS, the purpose of the NSS was to create a “new national security force” that would be able to deter China from further destabilising its neighbours, and would have “an effective and effective capability to protect our people, and our homeland”.

The NCAAC is part of an “all-volunteer force”, a new category of military that includes members of the Australian Defence Force.

“The NCS is about making sure that the Defence Force is as well equipped as the other elements of the defence enterprise to meet the future threat,” Mr Baird said.

“This is about providing a strong, capable and effective military to the people of Australia and to our neighbours.”


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