Nippon Ichi Software announces new mobile game title, “Akai no Tsurugi” (Ancestor of the Sun)

Nippan Ichi announced the release date of its new mobile title, Akai no Touhou, at its press conference in Tokyo on Thursday.

It was originally slated for launch on February 26, but has been pushed back to March 10.

The game will launch on iOS and Android devices in Japan and will be released in North America and Europe later in the year.

The mobile game will be the first from Nippo Ichi since it launched in 2016 with the “Aki no Shiki” (The Beginning) game.

The title will feature a new protagonist and a new setting.

The protagonist, Ai, is a boy who grew up with his sister, the goddess Ai.

A series of events led to the birth of a girl, Tsuruga, who would be the sister of Ai.

Ai would become the main protagonist of the game.

As the game’s protagonist, you play as Ai and your quest is to rescue Tsurugas sister, Kyouko, who was kidnapped by the evil Kaidou.

A game like this would require the player to learn a lot about the world and its people.

The new setting is called “Erenia.”

“Ancestors of the sun,” the game is about the “first generation of humans who came from a distant place,” Nippomis director, Katsuhiko Hoshino, said.

“The sun was created by humans and evolved into the world that we know today.

So, the sun was born from humans, but the first generation was from a different planet.”

The setting will be a “very different place” in the story, he said.

It is unclear how the game will work on a mobile device, but Hoshio said that the game has been tested on phones from Apple, Google, Samsung and Nokia.

“It is very important that the player can feel the emotions of the characters in the game, because it is important to understand the game world,” he said of the player’s feelings.

The developer plans to publish the game on mobile devices, with an original story and characters and world design.

The company previously announced that it plans to release a new game, “Kimi ni Todoke no Monogatari” (A Tale of Two Monogas), in 2019.

The studio also plans to create a spinoff title for PlayStation VR, which will launch in 2020.

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