How much will President Donald Trump’s border wall cost?

What to Know The $1.4 trillion plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border would cost more than $10 billion and be financed by a combination of borrowing and tax revenue, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

The $715 billion plan to keep out illegal immigrants would cost nearly $400 billion and include $50 billion in border security funding.

The remaining $600 billion would be funded through a combination from revenue collected from the border and tax revenues, according the CBO.

The budget office estimated that about a quarter of the border security spending would be paid for through borrowing, with the remainder through tax revenue.

The Congressional Budget office said the border wall would be built with about $1 trillion in federal debt, $5 trillion in borrowing and $6 trillion in tax revenue to finance the $7.8 trillion cost.

About half of the cost would come from borrowing and another $4 trillion would come via tax revenue from undocumented immigrants.

About a quarter would come as a result of the repatriation of some or all of the funds collected by the border program, with half coming through the border itself, the CBO said.

The nonpartisan CBO said the remaining $4.8 billion would come through the U,S.

Treasury and federal agencies, with $3.6 trillion from the federal government, $1 billion from the State Department and $1 million from the Department of Homeland Security.

“We know that the border is a complex place, and that it requires a lot of cooperation among the agencies involved,” said Jason Furman, a former Treasury secretary and a Trump administration adviser who is now with the Council of Economic Advisers.

“We also know that in the future, as more people cross the border illegally, there will be more border security costs that need to be paid by the taxpayers.

We want to get the costs down as quickly as possible.”

The plan to rebuild the border includes $5.2 billion for construction, $2.6 billion for improvements and $2 billion from grants from states, which are responsible for the border.

It also calls for $5 billion in infrastructure spending.

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