Diablo 3: We’re about to learn more about the upcoming sequel

Posted September 10, 2018 04:38:50The next installment in the Diablo series will be called Diablo III, and it will feature a new world and new classes, with Blizzard telling us that the game will “remain open world.”

In addition to its core gameplay, Blizzard will also be bringing in “a new class and new class features” in a few years, which are to be revealed at BlizzCon, the upcoming Blizzard Entertainment event in Anaheim, California.

The Diablo III trailer was revealed at a BlizzCon panel in January, so we have a lot more information on what to expect in Diablo III to come.

The Diablo III announcement is also notable because it comes just a few months after the announcement that Diablo III: Reaper of Souls will be coming out later this year.

Diablo III will be released exclusively on PC in 2018, with a limited version for consoles (which we’re expecting to see at Blizzcon).

We already know that Diablo 3 is going to have a multiplayer component, and Blizzard confirmed that it will be in the game in a new, multiplayer mode called The Burning Crusade.

The announcement of the sequel also comes just as Blizzard’s game director, Dustin Browder, is stepping down, so it will probably be a while before we get any real details about what Diablo III could be like.

As for Diablo III’s other announcements, the studio has revealed the first look at its next-generation console, which will be a “new iteration of the PC,” with a rumored release date of March 2019.

The PC version will have the same hardware specs as the current generation consoles, but it will include a slew of new features, including 4K resolution, up to 16 players on a single screen, and a number of other changes.

The console version will be an entirely new platform, which should allow the studio to offer a higher-quality game at a lower price.

The company also announced a brand new class, the Monk, and an upcoming expansion, The Witch Doctor, which adds a number more classes and abilities.

There’s a lot we don’t know about the sequel yet, but Blizzard is already planning to make more announcements about it at BlizzCON, so stay tuned for more information about what Blizzard has to say about Diablo III.

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