When the gladiator fight heats up in the Philippines

When the Philippine military launched its military campaign against Islamist militants in the country in 2014, the military promised to fight to the death, but it quickly faced criticism from the international community for its brutal and inhumane treatment of civilians.

As a result, the country’s president, Rodrigo Duterte, has vowed to end the war on drugs and declared martial law to end corruption.

In the Philippines, the armed forces say they will use the new law to restore peace and stability to the country.

The Philippines military has been in power since 1946 and is the largest in the world.

But it has also suffered from years of corruption and a lack of accountability.

In June, President Duterte ordered the deployment of thousands of soldiers and policemen to the southern province of Marawi, after thousands of Muslim militants attacked a police station in the city of Marikina and attacked military personnel and civilian homes.

More than 600 people have been killed in the conflict and over 2,000 are in critical condition.

The Philippine military has since declared martial rule and the country has been engulfed in an ethnic war between Muslim separatists and the predominantly Christian government.

The war has been fought by armed groups of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, known as Moro Islamists.

As part of the military campaign, thousands of troops have been deployed to Marawi in an effort to crush the armed group.

Thousands of Moros and Muslims in the southern Philippines have taken to the streets in recent months to protest against the military’s war on the rebels.

But on Wednesday, Duterte signed into law a controversial law that will allow the military to carry out the killings.

In addition to the Moros, the new draft law allows the military the right to kill any individual suspected of involvement in a terrorist attack, terrorism, or armed robbery.

According to the Philippine Constitution, the president can issue such a proclamation “for the purpose of repressing insurrection, insurrectionary measures, armed rebellion, armed robbery, unlawful assembly, and other illegal acts committed by members of the enemy”.

“If the President deems it necessary to repress insurrection, rebellion, or other illegal measures, the President shall, without delay, execute the order, including the imposition of penalties,” the new document says.

The new law is an extension of Duterte’s controversial “war on drugs” campaign.

In January, he declared martial control over the country, allowing him to carry his drug war to the homes of suspected drug traffickers and civilians, a move that sparked international outrage.

He has also said that he will declare martial law if he deems it is necessary.

Amnesty International called the law a “deliberately vague and arbitrary act that will enable the military and its collaborators to carry through on the campaign against the Morogoro people and civilians”.

“President Duterte’s use of a military operation to repressed the Moroccan people by declaring martial law and allowing for the killing of thousands is completely disproportionate to the grave threats to human rights posed by his ‘war on drug’,” the group said in a statement.

“The president should not be allowed to carry this out without a legal process.”

The Philippine government says the law was enacted after the military ordered civilians to leave Marawi city and stop carrying out attacks against the government.

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