What to do when your partner is not a fan of the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy?

In case you were wondering, it is possible to be a fan or not of the Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy.

In fact, if you are a fan, you should be able to say that in public, and if you’re a non-fan, you may feel uncomfortable in public as a result.

So here is what you need to know to avoid this situation.1.

Be prepared for a rude awakening2.

Be open and honest with your partner if they do not understand what you’re saying3.

You do not need to be the butt of the joke4.

If you are not a Fan, you do not have to be in the middle of the conversation5.

If your partner enjoys the books, then by all means enjoy reading them6.

It is okay to ask questions about the books and discuss them.7.

If they are a Fan but not a lover of the books or you find them uncomfortable in the conversation, don’t be afraid to go back to the beginning and finish the conversation without them.8.

Be mindful of your own boundaries.

You may find that your partner does not have a strong sense of boundaries, but they may have some ideas about them.9.

Be understanding about your partner’s expectations and how to work around them.10.

If it is uncomfortable for you to talk about your feelings, or if you have doubts about your intentions, it does not mean that your conversation has gone too far.11.

If there are times when you do feel uncomfortable, it may be helpful to have a partner who is also uncomfortable.12.

Respect your partner.

It may be hard to tell someone that you do have a lot of feelings about a book.

However, if someone is uncomfortable, do not let them take it out on you.13.

Do not judge.

If someone says something that bothers you, you need not be rude or rude to them.14.

Be respectful of your partner and your friends.

If something happens that makes you uncomfortable, you can take your feelings and try to get it right the next time.15.

Respect yourself.

Don’t put on a brave face and expect to get everything right.

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