Tesla CEO Elon Musk and company unveil new $1.3B gigafactory site in Nevada

Tesla CEO and co-founder Elon Musk has announced a $1 billion gigafounder site in the Nevada desert.

The gigafactories would be located near Las Vegas, the state capital and in the heart of the Nevada Desert, the company said in a statement to CNBC on Thursday.

It would employ 1,400 people, including 400 workers for the company’s Nevada operations.

“Tesla has been the most innovative and forward-thinking company in the world,” Musk said in the statement.

“This new gigafunders is an exciting and innovative step toward that vision.”

The announcement comes as Musk is considering whether to expand his Gigafactory in Nevada into more states.

The company has said it is exploring the possibility of an expansion into Canada and the United Kingdom.

Tesla’s announcement comes after Tesla CEO Musk and his company announced plans to build a $5 billion gigawatt factory in Texas, according to Reuters.

The announcement was also made as Musk’s company has been in talks with a number of companies, including Ford, for possible acquisitions, but none have been finalized.

The news comes as Tesla is in the midst of a massive recall of its Model S sedan in response to an airbag problem, the automaker announced earlier this month.

The company’s shares fell nearly 11 percent in after-hours trading.

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