How to play the legendary raid?

A new version of the legendary wow raid is here, and it’s an amazing ride to the top!

Read more It’s a massive update, with all new loot, mechanics, bosses and more. 

It has new content including two brand new boss waves and four new raid bosses. 

There are also new raids, bosses, bosses with unique abilities, new maps and more! 

The update will be available to everyone on October 18, with players able to start earning and completing rewards before the end of the week. 

We also know a couple of raid bosses will be getting a new boss in the near future, but this is a pretty big update, and there is a lot more we’re hoping to share soon. 

Here’s a look at all the changes. 

First off, the big boss wave. 

This is a massive new wave that has a few surprises in store. 

Each wave starts off with a new character, with different abilities and weapons. 

You can choose to either kill one of the new bosses or keep the existing one alive. 

The new boss is named Feral Rage, which has a long history in wow, and you can find him in the main game as well. 

He’s the first boss you face in the new wave, and he’ll use a new ability called Feral Fury, which deals heavy damage and knocks back players. 

For more on Feral Fury and other new content, check out this guide on the new boss. 

Fatal Maul: A new raid boss.

It has an interesting backstory.

Before this, there were four bosses in the original raid: Warchief Gul’dan, Dark Shaman Arthas, and Blood Elf Malfurion. 

They were the bosses that were fought when you started the raid. 

All of them were very tough bosses. 

However, in the beta it was decided that the bosses had to be killed at the same time, so there was no boss at all to fight. 

Then, a boss named Gul’dan was created. 

So, in order to avoid this, Furion was created and Malfurion was removed from the original list of bosses.

There was no way to kill Gul’dans boss when he was on the same row as Arthasia, so that meant you could’t fight Arthas when Gul’dam was. 

What’s more, Arthyas’ new ability, Crimson Shield, made it unavoidable to kill him. 

In the new patch, Gol’dan’s removal made it much easier to kill the boss, so the new update will let you. 

Dark Cultist: Another new boss that’s going to make you a legend.

This is the second new boss to join the game, and this one is a little different than the first. 

As mentioned before, this is the first boss to be removed from WoW, so it’s a bit of a shock to be playing the new raid in the first place. 

On top of that, it has two new abilities. 

A new one called Doomhammer will deal damage to all players in the raid, and a new one named Shadow Bolt will make players vulnerable to Shadow damage. 

Shadow bolt deals damage to all players in its radius, meaning you’ll be able to have a lot of trouble dealing with this boss.

The new Shadow Bolt ability can also be used to teleport around, meaning it’s one of those abilities that can be useful to have around. 

New boss in Feral Frenzy: Gale.

You may remember Giant Warchief Gazlowe from the previous update, but he’s going back into the main WoW for the second time. 

Grazlowe has a new raid boss called Dark Warchivor (formerly known as the Black Dragon). 

The boss is a huge difficult boss, and he’s got a few unique abilities that will make him a lot easier to deal with. 

One of them is called Glorious Fury, which deals massive damage and knockbacks to players near him. 

Another unique ability is called Shadowbolt, which hits players in a wide radius and knocks them back. 

When Gorloye reaches 50% health, he’ll unleash a new ability: Shadow Blast, a powerful attack that deals massive damage.

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