How to install an ACOG scope for the sniper hiding forum

The U.S. government has begun testing the ACOG sniper hiding system for the U.N. Security Council, according to an article in The Washington Times.

The system, which is designed to allow civilians to conceal their weapons on their person, can detect up to three targets at a time.

The sniper hiding is also a feature that has been used in the past by some U.K. military units, including the SAS and Royal Air Force, to help them better hide their equipment.

The U.NSSC has also been working with the UAV industry to develop an inexpensive sniper system that will allow the council to more easily monitor its troops and civilians, according the Times.

UAVs have also become an increasingly popular method of tracking insurgents and terrorists around the world, but there has been a lack of interoperability between the UAS and U.NTs.

The UAV-mounted ACOG system could solve that problem.

The sniper hiding could also be a boon to law enforcement officials looking to protect themselves against the threat posed by a sniper in their area.

It could also help prevent civilian casualties from being inflicted by armed groups, such as the Islamic State.

It is also meant to be used in emergencies.

According to the Times, the UTSS has been developing the sniper system for more than a year, and is already using it on some of the UUN missions in Mali and Niger.

The system uses a variety of sensors to detect threats such as explosives, small arms, rockets, and other weapons.

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