How Apple’s WWDC will affect iOS 9 beta release

In this article, we’ll look at the biggest news that’s coming with iOS 9.1 beta 2, including: • iOS 9 features • Apple Watch integration • How to install the Watch app • How the Watch can connect to your phone via Bluetooth • New ways to share content with friends and family iOS 9 Beta 2.0: New features that you’ll find in beta 2.1 of iOS 9 include: • Siri voice recognition • Spotlight search • App Photo sharing • App Share on iCloud.

• Support for Apple Watch.

• A new “tap to play” button in the main menu that lets you control playback from the watch face itself.

The “tap” button is an interface element that shows you how many times you can play the current song/album/song video before you have to restart your device.

• New notifications that you can access from the new Notification Center.

These notifications can include a list of the apps and apps in the App Store that are being updated, and will also give you a brief summary of what’s going on.

You’ll also be able to see your installed apps on your iPhone/iPad.

• If you’re using iOS 9 on an iPad Pro, iOS 9 will now allow you to view your videos directly from the iPad.

• The new app icon will be a bright green, which means you can tap on it to access the settings.

You can also now select “lock the screen” when you’re not using the Watch.

You should also see a new, larger “more” icon in the app icon menu when you start a new app.

• “Tap to play”: When you’re playing a video on the Watch, you’ll see a “tap play” icon.

If you have an iPhone/iPhone (4th gen or later) with iOS 8.0 or later, you can select “tap now” instead of “play now”.

Tap “play” again to start the video.

• iPhone 5s: When you are playing a Video on the iPhone, you will see a little red “play soon” icon on the top of the screen.

If the video is currently playing on your Watch, tap “play”.

If it is already playing, you have no choice but to tap “continue”.

• iPhone 6s: You can now play your videos from the Watch to an iPhone.

Tap the “Play” button to start.

iOS 9 is the final version of iOS.

We’ll continue to bring you updates throughout the beta.

We hope you’ll love this new version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

We’ve also updated our app to be faster, easier to use, and more convenient.

For the full list of changes and what to expect in iOS 9, visit our iOS 9 blog post.

iOS 10 beta 1: iOS 10 features New apps that you will find in iOS 10 Beta 1 include: Apple Watch (iOS 10 only) • The iMessage app • Messages on your iMessages app (iOS 9 only) Apple TV • Apple Music • AirDrop• Photos and Videos• Safari • The Weather • AirPlay• The App Store • AirPod (AirPod 1 only) iOS 10.3 beta 1 and iOS 10 will be rolling out in phases over the next few weeks.

iOS 11 beta 1 will be coming to iOS users soon.

Apple Watch iOS 10beta1 and iOS 11 will be available for download for all iOS users, starting at 10am PT on October 1.

Apple TV iOS 10Beta1 will be rolled out to iOS devices in the coming weeks.

AirPod iOS 10BETA1 will come to Apple Watch on October 31.

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