Which of the Overwatch heroes is your favorite?

In the latest edition of our Overwatch wiki guide, we’ve collected all the information you need to know about the latest Overwatch hero, Winston.

What are the stats?

Winston has the highest base damage, damage per second and base damage per level in the game.

He also has the third highest damage per hit, per second, and base movement speed.

His passive ability Overwatch, which gives him invincibility for a short time after activation, also boosts his damage output.

Winston is a tank, which means he’s also a damage sponge.

His health pool is large enough to allow him to survive a heavy hit from a Reaper or Soldier 76.

What does the term ‘tank’ mean?

Tank is an offensive term referring to an individual who is used to standing in front of their weapon, using it to protect themselves, their allies or their team mates from damage or to avoid getting killed themselves.

For a team to be considered tank, they must have no more than one member that is considered a DPS player, meaning that one of their primary sources of damage is their own primary weapon.

A team that is in the tank position will often have the highest damage output, health pool and damage per minute.

Overwatch’s passive ability, which makes Winston invulnerable for a brief time after using it, makes him a damage-dealer.

His damage output and damage is so high, in fact, that it is considered one of the best items in the entire game.

His high health pool allows him to be a tank for longer periods of time than most tanks.

He can also take advantage of Overwatch’s low cooldown to quickly switch between his primary and secondary weapons and use them to attack or block an enemy attack.

Winston’s primary weapon is the M8, which he uses to damage enemies with his ultimate.

His secondary weapon is a M4A1, which is a sniper rifle.

Winston has access to the ability Topple which can be activated by holding down the R key while moving.

The ability will instantly kill an enemy, but it is more of a filler ability.

This means that if Winston is facing a particularly strong enemy, he can simply stand in front and shoot the enemy while he holds the ability.

If he wants to use the ability to heal himself, he has the ability Reactive Shield which can also be used to deflect incoming attacks.

Winston can also use his ultimate to summon an ally or to heal a teammate if they are under the effect of an ability.

It is possible for Winston to summon up to two allied or enemy players.

The two main abilities that Winston can summon are the ultimate and the Wrench, which can only be used by a tank.

This ultimate summons a turret that shoots projectiles and can damage enemies that are in its path.

It has a range of 50 meters, and it is a primary weapon only.

The Wrench can also summon a shield, which blocks incoming damage.

The turret can be used as a distraction to distract an enemy player, or to attack the enemy player.

What do you do when your teammates die?

Winston can heal his allies and team mates by healing them with his ability toggling between the two primary weapons.

He has access a heal icon that indicates whether the ability is on cooldown, or when it is active.

Toggling whether a player is healing an ally with his Wrench or Wrench Wrench is similar to switching between the abilities of an ally in Overwatch.

Winston also has access the ability Medi Gun, which causes a self-healing effect to occur.

This effect lasts for 20 seconds, and when the effect expires, the player must pay attention to the area of effect of the healing effect, as well as their current health and armor.

When Winston is using Medi, it is possible to heal multiple allies at once.

This can be useful to deal with large groups of enemies, as healing your allies while they are on the verge of dying from their own health problems can be very effective.

You can also heal yourself by using the ultimate, or by switching to your primary weapon, Medi.

The ultimate is called Medi Blast which is Winston’s signature ability.

You will be able to fire a shot with your secondary weapon that will deal damage to nearby enemies.

This shot can be fired while moving and while Winston is holding the ability and while standing in the middle of the target.

When using Medis, it’s possible to have multiple allies nearby at the same time.

This allows Winston to fire multiple shots simultaneously, giving him a very powerful combo.

You are able to heal yourself and your allies in a single action by using a heal orb which can heal up to five allies at the cost of one health orb.

What can I do with my Medi Power?

Medi power is a powerful healing and utility ability that is also one of Winston’s main weapons.

It allows Winston, who has access in the ultimate ability, to

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