Jeep Gladiator forum ‘stuck in traffic jam’

News Corp Australia understands a Jeep Gladiator forum thread that was recently blocked in the US is being used by some users to post links to a video of the truck being driven by a woman.

The video was posted on Reddit earlier this week, and is now being posted by members of the forum.

The thread was posted under the username “Sophie”, who is the name of a female Jeep Gladiator owner, and it has since been taken down.

The forum user has also posted an image of a woman driving the vehicle on YouTube.

In the thread, Sophie explains that she is not a registered owner of the Jeep Gladiator and was not aware of its previous history.

“I’m not a person to mess with the internet, and I’m not going to take any further action, but if someone decides to post a video or link that they’ve taken, that’s fine, but I’ll take my complaint to the Federal Government,” she wrote.

“But I can’t take my complaints to the police.”

She wrote: “The last thing I want is a police investigation into the matter.

I can see that this forum was set up in a very ‘safe’ way to protect the owner of a vehicle and the people who drive it.”

I’m sure the person who set it up has a good reason for doing it and I respect that.

But if that’s what it was set out to do, and that person is in any way responsible for it, I can only imagine what kind of actions that would be.

“”The whole point of the video is to make people see that people are actually out there driving these trucks, and not just ‘look at those trailers’.

“The video was set to a ‘stopped’ button and that is to say, the video will stop playing if a person does not click it.

If the person clicks the button and does not play the video, then the video continues.”

“I’ve never been involved in the Jeep world, I’m sorry to say,” she continued.

“This is the first time I’ve seen the video in its current state, and as a matter of fact, it’s been for the past few weeks.”

The whole thread is not safe for the public.

It’s been put there because I don’t want people to be harassed by this person who seems to think that they are entitled to take action against this person.

“If someone has seen the original video, or the archived video, and can prove that it’s not in their interests, then they can contact the Australian Federal Police, but as far as I’m concerned, the person posting the video has no right to take that action.”

The forum post has since had its access restored.

The Federal Government confirmed the thread had been taken offline, but it did not say why.

A spokesperson for the Federal Police said: “We can confirm that an enforcement action against a vehicle owner in relation to the posting of content relating to a Jeep is currently underway.”

“We would like to thank those who took the time to report this incident and will work with the owner to find a resolution.”

“A complaint has been lodged with the Federal Department of Transport.”

In the meantime, the Jeep Gladiators forum thread has been removed.

“It’s been removed from the forum, as it’s inappropriate,” Sophie wrote.

The spokesperson for Australian Transport Safety Bureau told the ABC it could not comment on individual cases, but that the organisation had received “several complaints of inappropriate content in forums across the country”.

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