How the NFL is changing the rules on concussions

The NFL’s head-to-head record of concussions is at an all-time low, but it seems like the league has finally started to address the issue, after a number of players recently came forward to speak about the problems.

Here’s what you need to know about the latest concussion research.

READ MORE: The NFLPA recently released a statement in which it said that while it was “disappointed” that the league’s head of football operations, Troy Vincent, and general manager John Mara have not taken action to address concussion-related concerns, it is “extremely disappointed” that they had not already addressed the issues at the top level. 

Vincent, Mara, and the NFLPA will meet again on Friday to discuss ways to address player safety concerns, including a meeting with the head of the league office, NFLPA Senior Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs Joe Lockhart. 

“While the commissioner has spoken about the importance of keeping athletes healthy, we are disappointed that he has not taken the necessary action,” the statement read.

“Our hope is that we can continue to have meaningful dialogue with NFL leadership in the coming weeks to address these issues and to move the needle on concussive concussions in the league.” 

It’s not clear how long the NFL will hold such a meeting.

The league is still in the process of finalizing its concussion protocol, which will be presented to the league on Thursday. 

The NFL is set to begin a new three-year “career development program” that will be launched in 2017, according to

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