Florida fisherman arrested for illegally fishing in Pensacola

RODRIGO SANTAROS/FLORIDA TODAY An illegal fishing boat that was spotted off the coast of Port Canaveral last week was headed to Florida, according to local officials.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said Tuesday that the boat, which has not been identified, was seen by an officer off the Coast Guard base at Fort Lauderdale International Airport on Oct. 1.

The Coast Guard also confirmed Tuesday that a search warrant was issued for the boat in an attempt to locate the boat owner, but that no arrests have been made.

The boat was spotted by a helicopter on Saturday morning off Port Canaveral and is believed to have been carrying two men.

It is illegal to fish in the area of the base, which is only about 20 kilometres off the Florida coast.

The agency said the men have been detained.

The fishermen are charged with fishing in the marine zone, which prohibits all fishing within the protected waters.

“We are very disappointed that these two individuals have been arrested and that we have taken no action against the boat operator,” said Capt. Steve Williams, a spokesman for the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commissioner’s Office.

The men were spotted by an unidentified helicopter on the same day, the Florida Keys Times reported. “

The Coast Guard is working to locate this boat and ensure the safety of all our partners.”

The men were spotted by an unidentified helicopter on the same day, the Florida Keys Times reported.

“These are serious issues,” said Kevin Johnson, a member of the Florida Bar Association’s board of directors, referring to illegal fishing.

“This is a huge problem.

The only solution is to shut down the coast, because the coast is such a huge fishery.

You are going to get caught.” “

You can’t catch fish, you can’t hunt, you have to fish, and you have the ability to kill a fish, but if you can fish, why are you going to kill fish in an area where you can kill fish and then hunt them?

You are going to get caught.”

The boat is owned by Mark S. Daley, an instructor at the North Florida Academy of Fishing, and he has been teaching at the facility for four years.

Dameron Daley said he does not understand why his crew is being targeted.

“There are no regulations.

If you’re fishing legally, they can’t hurt you.

If they’re fishing illegally, they could hurt you,” he said.

Dyson said the fishermen have been on the water for about three days, but are not fishing with the same crew that was caught illegally last year.

Dison, who owns the North Carolina fishing charter company Bluefish Unlimited, said he was unaware of the boat’s location until the Coast Guards helicopter flew over.

“I am a fishing coach and the boats are on the boat and all the boats on the beach.

The boats are the same, the boat is always the same,” Dison said.

He said the boat was operating legally.

Dickson said he plans to fight the charges and is hoping the Coast Services will drop the charges.

“They are going after people for fishing and for recreational purposes.

I don’t think it’s fair, because these people were caught illegally,” he told the newspaper.

Dixie Jones, a spokeswoman for the Coast Service, told CBC News that it was unclear if any illegal fishing took place on the shore.

“It’s a violation of federal law to be fishing without a permit and if there is an infraction we will enforce the law,” Jones said.

“So it’s hard to make an exact determination, but we do know that it’s a very common practice for boat owners to fish illegally.”

Daley did not return a message seeking comment.

In a written statement, the Coast States office said it was “working closely with the federal government and state agencies” in the case and that it “will continue to do everything in our power to find and hold responsible those who are violating the law.”

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