Broncos: ‘It’s not about what we do, it’s about what the players want’

Posted June 24, 2018 07:37:20 It’s the year 2023 and the AFL is trying to sell itself on an identity that will be a benchmark for its future.

The Broncos will unveil the logo and branding for the 2019 season this week, with the unveiling expected to be made in Brisbane.

In a bid to sell its brand, the Broncos have decided to keep the team name, but in keeping with the AFL’s new identity it will also be known as the Broncos Football Club.

The team name was first introduced in the early 1970s and was first used in a commercial for the Sydney Swans in the 1960s.

In its latest annual report, the AFL said the Broncos was aiming to become a global brand that “enables the club to connect with the broadest cross section of the community”.

The AFL will be unveiling the logo in Brisbane on Monday, June 26.

Broncos CEO Justin Pascoe said the new logo reflected the values of the club and reflected the unique culture of the Broncos.

“We want to give the best possible product and the best player to the fans that come to our games,” Pascoe told reporters.

“Our club is built around our players, and the Broncos is built on the strength of our fans.”

The Broncos has always been about being a football club that wants to win.

“It’s about winning, and winning, winning and winning.”

There is a very strong sense of family that the Broncos has and it is about being able to continue to give back to the community.

“Pascoe said there would be no change to the club’s name and logo.”

Nothing has changed.

We have our core values, we are the Broncos, we love football, we want to win, we play the game, and we play hard,” he said.

Bronco fans have been vocal about their desire for a change to their team’s name, with some supporters choosing to wear blue, red and gold instead of the team’s traditional white and gold colours.

The AFL has said it was the right time to change the Broncos logo, which had been in use since 1920.

But many fans said the change was a waste of time, while others were against the idea of the new Broncos branding.”

If it was just about changing the logo, we wouldn’t be doing it.

If we want change, we can make it,” one Broncos fan told .au.

The NRL’s Queensland Reds, however, said they would not be changing their name to the Broncos because it is already a proud part of their history.”

This is an iconic club with a strong history and we have a very special identity, so there is no need to change,” the Queensland Reds chief executive officer, Andrew Davis, told ABC News.”

I can tell you the club has been a major part of our local community for many, many years and we will continue to be part of that.

“Davis said the club had always been a supporter of the ABC’s AFL coverage.”

That has always given us great exposure,” he added.”

When we’re looking at the potential of an AFL brand, we’re always looking at what the fans want.

“Read more about the Broncos:Broncos have been sold for $2.1 billionThe AFL announced on Wednesday that it had sold the Broncos for $1.1billion, putting the Broncos into the hands of private equity group, TPG Capital.

The deal is valued at $2 billion, meaning the team will remain under the control of the AFL for the next 12 years.

Bronzes chairman Paul Little said the deal was “a significant step forward” in the team.”

As the AFL looks to build a successful future and make the Broncos the envy of the game in Australia, we look forward to working with TPG to deliver a future that works for our club, our fans and our future,” Little said in a statement.

Bronzers chief executive Paul Little says the deal is “a substantial step forward for our football club”.

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