‘You can’t put a price on it’: The American long rifle is getting a price tag

The American rifle, named after a military unit, has been gaining popularity since its introduction in the late 1960s.However, the United States is the only country that doesn’t have a government-controlled long rifle licensing program.“The American long gun has become a weapon of choice for our soldiers and the U.S. military, which has used it […]

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How to handle a woman who’s been posting on social media about how she doesn’t want children

A Florida woman has posted online how she won’t have children if she gets pregnant with her boyfriend’s daughter.The 28-year-old woman, who is from New Jersey, is an “ex-girlfriend” of Steffi Graf, a 37-year old Austrian-born mother of two who lives in the United Kingdom.Graf says she will never have children and instead plans to […]

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How to get around the ban on playing with dogs in FFVII: Carding

How to make your dog your primary focus in the latest installment of our interview series on FFXIV: Card, and learn how to play a dog in the game without losing your sanity.We asked our friends at FFXiv.net, which is where you can find this information, to answer some of our questions about FFXV: Card […]

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The worst sites for your sex toy collection

Hacker News is back!This time we’re looking at the sex toy industry, and this time we’ll be focusing on the sites that have a big focus on the fetish community.So let’s get started.The most common site to find sex toys is probably the Amazon store.This isn’t a bad place to start.There’s a ton of options […]

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What is sext?

4FourTwo is a digital magazine and lifestyle site with a mission to be the world’s leading destination for the news, opinions, and reviews of the best and brightest.We’re published by FourFour Two, which is owned by the BBC Worldwide media group, and we’re based in London.FourFour is a brand owned by Google, which owns our […]

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Nippon Ichi Software announces new mobile game title, “Akai no Tsurugi” (Ancestor of the Sun)

Nippan Ichi announced the release date of its new mobile title, Akai no Touhou, at its press conference in Tokyo on Thursday.It was originally slated for launch on February 26, but has been pushed back to March 10.The game will launch on iOS and Android devices in Japan and will be released in North America […]

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